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The God Star by Jay Weidner

The window on the Great Ship revealed the planet in all of its beauty. It was still very far away but its blue white luminescence shone brightly despite the great distance. In just a few short weeks their journey through the deep abyss of outer space would soon come to an end. The three hundred […]

The Ka, the Ba and the Kabbalah by Jay Weidner

In the current use of our language, the words ‘soul’ and ‘spirit’ have essentially the same meaning. They are terms used to describe a mysterious state of awareness, or presence, that is the driving or animating force behind the externalized, concrete physical body that surrounds it. According to the teachings of the world’s major religions, […]

Prophecy, Spirit and the Dreamtime: The Last Frontier by Jay Weidner

The mythology of our modern, high-tech culture teaches us that the last frontier for humanity is outer space. Somehow, according to this emerging mythos, the fragile human body is supposed to be able to survive the rigors of travel in outer space over vast distances. The writers of science fiction and Star Trek-style television shows […]

Are the Olympic Games the Beginning of the End? by Jay Weidner

“The age of iron has no other seal than that of Death. Its hieroglyph is the skeleton, bearing the attributes of Saturn: the empty hourglass, symbol of time run out …” ~Fulcanelli Since the publication of my book, Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye: Alchemy at the End of Time, I have received many […]

There’s Something Strange on the Moon by Jay Weidner

I have to tell you from the beginning that I am somewhat prejudiced about the subject of Dark Mission: The Secret History of NASA, the new book by Richard C. Hoagland and Michael Bara. My own investigation of the high strangeness that exists on the lunar surface began in 1992 and dovetails with Hoagland’s search […]

The Topology of Time Part II: The Alchemy of Time; Understanding the Great Year and The Cycles of Existence by Jay Weidner

At the very core of all the great spiritual traditions to be found across the planet from the ancient Egyptian to the Inkan and Mayan, Indo-Tibetan, Alchemical Europe and even the Hebrew Kabbalah lies the knowledge of the secret of the alchemy of time. Unencumbered by the excessive demands, stresses and speed of the modern […]