The God Star by Jay Weidner

The window on the Great Ship revealed the planet in all of its beauty. It was still very far away but its blue white luminescence shone brightly despite the great distance. In just a few short weeks their journey through the deep abyss of outer space would soon come to an end. The three hundred and fifty years of their confinement inside the Great Ship would be over and they would finally have a new planet to live upon.

Seth stared out the grand window of the observatory, his mind focused upon the powerful configuration of stars and planets that lay behind him. He was a forceful man of great height and bulk, a man who knew he had to move quickly to accomplish his goal. Reading the message of the stars as a sign of his coming triumph, he thought about the dark actions that he must take in order to survive. For once he and the others arrived on the New World it would be too late. He had to move now. If this world was to be his then he would have to act with great speed and determination. For him, it had come down to only two choices: to kill or to surrender.

His hand grasped tightly around the hilt of his sword, he strode down the long metal hallway towards Osir’s chamber. The others would be preparing to park the huge ship in an orbit around the New Earth. He knew that, as navigator of the ship, he should be assisting them, but instead, he had something very different on his mind.

Seth was out of favor with Osir, the great ruler of his people. In a dark moment of confusion and indecision Seth’s actions had cost the lives of the hundreds of thousands of people aboard their Great Ship. As the chief navigator of the Great Ship, it was his job to calculate their path through the vast reaches of space that separated their home planet, near the God Star, from the New World that waited just ahead. And he had calculated wrong, very wrong. About one billion miles out from the central star of this solar system the ship had hit the meteor shower. Literally thousands of meteors, rocks and other debris hit the ship. For three and a half long hours the ship was battered, slammed and broken by the stream of rocks. Because of this horrific storm the ship had been almost completely destroyed and virtually everyone on board had died. And even though the leader Osir and the others had forgiven him, he could not free himself from the power of the dark thoughts that seemed to constantly possess him since it happened. It was as though, as they approached this dark storm, a terrible sickness had entered and taken hold of his mind. Unable to trust himself, Seth could no longer trust the others. So, forsaking all of his prior training and initiations, he closed his heart to them and began to think only of himself, of his name and his reputation. He realized that he would go down in history as the one who had made the greatest mistake ever, costing the lives of many people. He had seen how the survivors looked at him with pity in their eyes. Already they were compiling the history of the voyage. Already his name would live in infamy. And his name and reputation were everything to him.

With these dark thoughts preying upon his mind, Seth opened the door to Osir’s chamber and entered. Osir was his mentor in the Fellowship of the Way. He was a gentle man, a kind and wise leader who treated his people with immense sensitivity and respect. This would be the hardest thing that Seth would ever do, but it was essential to his own survival. . “Why do you enter my chamber without permission Seth?” Osir’s resonant voice was deep and soothing. Noticing the wild look in the eyes of his long time companion, he could see that Seth’s mind was in a deep state of inner turmoil. Since the tragedy, he had seen the inner conflicts swell and grow to a virtual boiling point. He, and the few remaining survivors had tried their best to bring him back to the peaceful and serene ways of their people but to no avail. In recent days, as if haunted by fleeting shadows from which there was no escape, Seth had even taken to hiding in the ruins among the seared bodies of the dead.

Gifted with the power of insight into the nature of time and events, Osir had foreseen the possibility of this moment. He knew the choice that now lay before them both.

“It is you I seek my friend.”

“Why is it when you say the word ‘friend’ you do it with the intention to hurt me?”

“I have no such intention Osir. I came here to discuss our future in the New World. ”

“You did nothing of the kind. Ever since the tragedy I have watched you pulling away from us. Yes, it was a horrible mistake that you committed but one that any of us could have made it also. You need to forgive yourself. I know it preys upon your mind, driving you towards madness. I beg you, please reconsider what you have come here to do, for the consequences of these actions will haunt you throughout eternity.” His voice became even more tranquil and hypnotic as he continued to try and turn Seth’s mind away from the invading darkness. “Remember all the years of our training in the Great Order, the joy, the love, the camaraderie. Back away from this negativity and focus your mind once again upon the pure light of spirit that resides inside of you. Let your heart open once more so that we can work together to heal you of this great madness.”

Using all of his inner strength to resist the warm, persuasive power of Osir’s voice, Seth wrapped his thoughts tightly around his sinister goal. With a fierce look of determination in his eyes, he grasped the handle of his great sword and drew it out of its sheath.

“Is this how you plan to kill me? Are you going to use the very sword that I gave you at your initiation into the Brotherhood of the Light so many years ago? Will you use the sword which symbolically represents the wisdom of the Immortals?”

Osir’s persuasive words began to have an effect on Seth’s hardened heart. He knew that if he kept listening to the mesmerizing voice of Osir he would not be able to perform the act that he had come to do, and that all would be lost. “Have I not always treated you with respect and kindness Seth? Don’t you see that even if you destroy the memory of my life and the events of this voyage there will be a residue of this deed always remaining in the collective unconscious of our race?.

Seth quickly raised the sword over his head.

“You know as well as I that my son Ra will avenge this act Seth.”

Had he not mentioned the name of Ra perhaps Seth would have spared him. But ever since the tragedy, he believed that Ra, the son of Osir and Ast, was his nemesis. Ra was the person he would most like to forget. For it was with Ra, the apprentice navigator that he had discussed his chosen course for the ship, and it was Ra who, based upon his own calculations had foreseen the possibility of the meteor shower and had begged him to alter his course. Fueled by the humiliation of this memory, Seth resolved to bring this encounter with Osir to its dark conclusion. Angry and raging, blinded by his own delusion, in a fit of self-righteous indignation, Seth brought down the sword. The razor sharp edge caught Osir on the wrist. With one quick swipe his right hand was gone. Together they watched it as it lay on the floor for a moment, writhing and bleeding.

Outwardly composed and seemingly unaffected by the loss, Osir softly spoke,” So this is how it ends. Our journey together is over. I will not even have the opportunity to breathe the air on the New World, the shining world of grace and beauty that we envisioned together. After all we have been through you will deny me even this?” He saw the hatred and resolve in Seth’s eyes. Bowing his head and placing his hand over his heart in the symbolic gesture of their faith, he spoke, “Then farewell my brother. May you one day perceive the error of your ways and embark once more on the journey towards clarity and wholeness. From the depths of darkness to the eternal light. I prepare myself for the great transition. In the name of truth, in the name of love and the one Creator, in the name of all that I hold dear, I relinquish my body.”

Seth raised the sword again. He sliced through Sir’s right elbow and the forearm fell. Osir never said a word, he just stared at Seth, his eyes filled with sadness and compassion. This only infuriated Seth even more. He raised the sword again and sliced Osir at the shoulder cutting off the last of his right arm. Blood poured forth from the wounds and Osir began to go pale. But his eyes never wavered and it seemed as if he was seeing into the depths of Seth’s very soul. Infuriated by this response Seth continued to wield his sword. Now he took off the left arm slicing it again at the wrist, elbow and shoulder.

Osir just stood there staring at him without arms. Drunk on the power of his actions, Seth let his fury completely overwhelm him. He raised the sword and sliced Osir three times. The sword was so sharp that the movement sliced through both of Osir’s ankles in seconds. With the next cut he ran the blade through, right above his knees and then his thighs. Osir’s body stood for a long moment and then it crumbled to the floor. But before this happened, Seth swung the blade through his torso and then his neck. The body tumbled to the floor a lifeless ruin. With a look of pure evil in his eyes, and a smile of wanton pleasure on his lips, Seth raised the sword one last time and came down. Osir’s penis was separated from the groin and it fell to the floor. This last act was the single greatest insult of their culture and Seth had just finished doing it. His dark deed was complete.

***** Lost in thought, Ra closed the large oak door behind him. He heard the thud echo as the door shut. He strode down the hallway towards his mother’s chamber. His breath still labored with the air of the New Earth. How could he tell her that Seth was still out there, hiding somewhere, looking for an opportunity to destroy them? How could he tell her that they had failed once again to capture him? With eyes lowered, he entered his mother’s chamber to find her sitting on her large chair, tears running down her cheeks. As always, her elegance, beauty and graceful demeanor filled him with a sense of warmth. Her long dark hair and pale face smiled back at him. “Mother, why do you cry?’

Ast gracefully wiped some of the tears from her face and gestured to him. “Ra, my son ,come sit with me.’

Ra sat on the wide seat next to Ast. Wrapped in the sweet fragrance that naturally exuded from her body, thoughts came to him about the many times that he had seen his parents, Ast and Osir, sitting on this same chair, holding hands and discussing some important subject. He quietly listened to her slow breathing.

“Are you so sad?”

Ast took his hands in hers and looked him deeply in the eyes, “I miss your father so much that I cannot even put it into words.”

Ra remembered once again how Seth had killed his father in a dark fit of rage and jealousy, how he had dismembered him with his sword. He remembered how they had laid him to rest here on the New Earth when they finally reached their destination.

“Your father gave me great strength. Even though I know that his spirit lives on, I am still alone, haunted by the image of his death. I feel as though a part of me has traveled with him into the dreamtime. Now that Seth has brought the power of evil into this world, I no longer care to be fully present here. ”

Ra took a deep breath and walked over to the window. The light from their Great Ship was just appearing over the horizon. Soon it would rise in all of its splendor and luminosity. He knew that it would orbit this planet for many millennium. Ra hoped that the sight of the Great Ship in the night sky would help the first children of this New World, and indeed all of the children yet to be born on this planet, remember his family’s struggle to cross the vast ocean of space. Ra hoped that it would always remain in the sky as a reminder of the effort that he and his family had made to save themselves, and their race, from certain death back in their former home. As the ship rose over the nearby landscape, it reflected the light of the sun so brightly that one could actually see it at night. Mon had told him that the Great Ship was so large that it’s gravity actually pulled on the seas of this new world and made them rise and fall with it’s passing.

“Seth attacked the farm yesterday and stole some of the animals.”

Ast stood up, her eyes filled with sadness and concern.

“Why does he continue to seek revenge on us at every turn? Isn’t it enough that he killed Osir?”

“Don’t you see mother, he wants to rule this planet? Isn’t it clear to you that he will stop at nothing to get what he wants? Seth seeks only our demise. He does not want us here at all. He knows that our continued existence is the only real threat to his power.”

“You must find a way to stop him Ra or he will destroy us and all that is good and beautiful in this world. He is drunk with the power of evil. The strain of the long voyage coupled with the terrible consequences of his miscalculations must have made him go mad! Please ask Mon to come here to take council with us. It is time to draw upon our sacred magic to contain him.”

Ra left the room and walked down the long dark hallway towards Mon’s laboratory. As he walked, he thought about the beauty of their old home, the solar system where they came from so long ago. Gazing through a window at the darkened landscape of the New Earth he thought of the great culture that they had achieved. Even now, in the dark night sky, he could see the reddish glow of their home star some 8.7 light years away.. They called that sun, their star, the ‘God-Star’ now. Ra remembered the 350 year long trip it had taken for them to get from the God Star to this shiny little planet, the third one away from it’s central star. The Great Ship, which was over two thousand miles wide and perfectly round was constructed for that prolonged voyage. It’s insides had been made hollow. They had placed many thousands of people and animals inside so that they could repopulate the New World once they arrived. . The hull of the ship was composed of twenty miles of hardened metal and rock. This would protect the travelers inside from the dangerous radiation and occasional asteroid hits that were prevalent in deep space. To create false gravity, so that the people inside would not have to adapt to weightlessness, they spun the ship. And so, as they journeyed to their new home, the people of the God Star lived on the inside surface of the Great Ship in relatively safe and familiar environment. They had lakes, forests, streams and cities in their Great Ship. It was, indeed, the proudest external achievement of their race.

Osir, Ra’s father, steeped in the traditional ways of the ancients ruled the ship with great care. Seth, a recent initiate in this tradition, was the chief navigator and engineer of the ship. He and Osir always spent part of their days discussing the vagaries of the voyage. At first Seth appeared to be content with his work and the task at hand. Like all of the others he did practices to keep his body and mind clear, flexible and strong. In accordance with the secret instructions of their tradition, every morning and evening they would give themselves over to meditation and prayer.

In the beginning of their long voyage, Seth spent a portion of his day with them in meditation, contemplating the outer beauty of the universe and inner beauty of the spirit. As the newest initiate he wanted to prove himself worthy. And so, it seemed as though he had prepared himself well for the long and arduous journey. But as the years passed by, and they began to approach the New World, Seth seemed to miss the God Star more than the others, constantly bemoaning its loss. The vast emptiness of space did not help either. While the residents of the Great Ship lived their lives in the wise and compassionate manner that they always had, Seth increasingly became irritated, agitated, and intolerant of others behavior. Soon, with his mindstream muddied by these negative thoughts and actions, Seth lost the ability to give his full attention to his jobs as chief navigator and engineer. Ra, as his young friend and assistant, tried to help him keep his mind occupied and focused upon the task at hand. Both Osir and Ast noticing this disturbance tried to assist him as well. His beautiful and loving wife Nefer also did her best to comfort and amuse him. But with increasing frequency, Seth rejected their assistance preferring to keep his own council.

Ra remembered the meteor swarm that almost destroyed the ship. They were nearing the new sun when the huge rocks began to hit the ship. It was strange, but as the ship came closer to the new planet that would be their home, Seth’s inner conflict appeared to grow greater and his heart seemed to close down to them even further. It was obvious that he was no longer in control of himself and several times Ra’s father Osir was forced to take corrective actions.

And then one day, the inattention to detail and the emotional energy spent, came home to roost. In his navigational calculations, Seth had somehow missed the meteor storm. Ra, as his apprentice, discovered that the Great Ship was going to enter the storm but by that time it was too late to alter their course. Ra’s calculations had revealed that there was a cloud of hardened objects that swirled around just on the outskirts of the new solar system. This cloud was a huge, dense field of rocks, comets and other debris. Knowledge that he had led the community into a disaster fell hard upon the shoulders of Seth. It was at this point that he seemed to crack completely. Like a man possessed, he headed directly into the storm, his voice screaming with anger and frustration. Osir, and Mon had to literally wrest him from the controls so that the more levelheaded Ra could take over. But to their dismay, the meteor storm was much worse than even he had predicted. Literally thousands of hard rocks and comets rained down on the outside of the ship. At first, the twenty-mile thick hull withstood many of the hits. Large round pockmarks covered its face but the integrity of the ship held up. But one rock, which was much larger than all of the others, appeared to be heading straight for them. And there was no way to avoid it. As Ra discovered, it is no small task to maneuver a two thousand-mile wide ship. The rock was three hundred miles across and over one hundred miles thick when it slammed into the side of the Great Ship. Its impact was so great that a hole pierced through the hull of the ship and almost all of the people and animals were killed as the atmosphere inside quickly escaped. Ra, Osir and Mon managed to repair the Ship but it was too late for the people inside. Only Ra, Ana, Osir, Mon and Seth, who had been in the navigation room at the time of the collision, managed to survive.

After this tragedy, Osir was forced to demote his old friend Seth. Needless to say, Seth did not take this very well. As the ship was nearing into it’s orbit of the New World Seth attacked and killed Osir.

Seth escaped the ship in a smaller ambassador ship and was the first to arrive on the new planet. Ra and Mon parked the giant ship in orbit and then descended to the surface of their new home.

And what a magical place it was! Teeming with life and bubbling over with possibilities, this New Earth was nearly a paradise. Using their advanced forms of magic Mon and Ra soon constructed the first pyramids, the same sacred structures that their race had developed on their last home, the Old World of the God Star. They built these magnificent structures using the advanced science of sound, vibration, measurement and geometric proportion that had been handed down to them through the long ages of their former civilization. On a plateau that existed in one of the highest mountains ranges on the planet, they built these pyramids. Coming from a planet with a lower gravitational pull the high altitudes made them feel more comfortable. As Ra continued his musing, Mon suddenly appeared out of nowhere. “Where are you heading Ra?” Mon’s clear blue eyes revealed a sense of great inner wisdom. His warm smile immediately relaxed the whole situation. “Seth has now killed some of the animals. Probably for food”

“Yes, his ways have deeply altered since our arrival. His mind has continued to spiral downward along the path of personal power and corruption. Now he prefers to kill and consume the flesh of innocent animals rather than live on the plants, grains and seeds that we are accustomed.”

“As you know, my mother has been deeply affected by this horror. She asks that we find him so that his influence can no longer taint the beauty of this world.”

“I share her desires Ra. But what can we do? It’s a big planet and Seth is extremely cunning.”

“I have sworn my revenge on him for the murder of my father.”

“As your mentor and guide in the ways of our people, I must tell you that it is not good to be ruled by a sense of vengeance. It is an element of the same dark force that has possessed Seth and if you are not careful, it can draw you into its web of evil and corruption. Look to the light for a solution, my boy. Look deep into your heart, goodness and mercy is the true path.”

While Ast was the great healer, artist and keeper of their sacred mysteries, Mon was the sage, magician and scientist. It was Mon who had discovered that their home planet would eventually be destroyed as their sun, the God Star, turned into a Red Giant. He had devised a plan to build six gigantic ships and use them to escape their dying world. When Mon approached him with this terrible dilemma and its possible solution, Osir realized that his calculations and his recommendations were correct. It was then that he ordered the construction of the six Great Ships. Within a few years they were ready. The people of the Old Earth were split up into six groups, and each group was assigned to a different ship. Families were kept together and it was believed that the cohesion of the society, built upon thousands of years of tradition, would keep the old ways alive. Seeking possible places of refuge, actually planets that could sustain human life, each ship had journeyed in a different direction.

Now that the meteor swarm had nearly destroyed their own Great Ship, and their communication equipment had been destroyed, they had lost contact with the other five ships. If a tragedy such as the meteor storm had overtaken them, perhaps the others could have met with similar fates. Ast, who was a great seer, frequently traveled in the subtle realms of the Dreamtime claimed that some had made it to the other new worlds because she had seen them there. She said that even now there were many new races created and beautiful places constructed on at least one of these worlds. Perhaps, after their difficulties with Seth were over and they had peacefully settled into this new home, they would attempt to contact their brothers in the other star systems. This was in keeping with the long-term plan of Mon’s and the elders of their former planet. He often spoke of making sure that their children, the race that they would create on this planet, would always remember their sisters and brothers in the stars. He would also lament that the race they would bring forth, although made in their likeness, might never have the capacity for insightful thinking that the residents of the God Star possessed.

So Mon, through the power of his insight would eventually devise a system that would explain the ancient secret to future generations. This system would be constructed in such a way that the very process of attempting to decipher the message itself would open up the synapses needed to fully understand – at least in a rudimentary way – the sacred science and ancient visions of the people of the God Star. He decided that they would build great monuments, made of stone, which would last for eons. These monuments would be constructed in such a way that any inquisitive and sincere soul who sought to understand the symbols of that particular monument would eventually come face to face with the incredible scientific and spiritual insights of the First People who arrived here at the First Time. For encoded in the both the proportions of their construction and carved upon their walls would be symbolic messages, which contained special vibratory frequencies.

But there were many difficulties for this and other plans. Mon, Ra, Ast and even Seth himself were too weak to withstand the environment of this world. Perhaps they had spent too long in the relative comfort of the Great Ship. Perhaps there was something about the dense and heavy gravity that existed in this New World. This density made things move slower, clear thoughts and actions were made more difficult here.

here were other problems also. There was no synthetic way to overcome the deficiencies of their immune systems. Only an immune system that had already lived in this environment would be able to survive the trillions of dangerous viruses, organisms and other vicissitudes of this New World. This unforeseen weakness made them realize that they would have to graft their genetic structure onto an animal that already existed in this environment. Mon would create a new life form from the genes of the creatures that already existed on this planet. This new life form would have an approximate likeness to his people. After this experiment had proved successful he would then combine the genes of this life form with those of the God Star beings. In his mind’s eye he imagined what glorious beings these would be. They would be beautiful, intelligent and also hold the knowledge of their great past. Using her vast powers Ast would give them the knowledge of healing and the great arts of culture and sophistication. Mon would bring them the sacred science of the ancients and together they would slowly reveal the sacred mysteries and ways of spirit. Thus, trained by them in the old ways, these new beings would proudly rebuild the old institutions and reinstate the great society of the God Star. They would be a powerful, compassionate, wise and loving people.

After the experiment was finished and the new race was created, he and the family would go back and live in the Great Ship. From this vantage point, they would watch over the planet, always keeping an eye on the events below. Later they would be called ‘The Watchers’. Mon knew that in order to achieve this goal, the karmic record of this planet had to be watched with great caution. Mon knew how important it was to keep, what he referred to as the Akashic record, or documentation of events in the subtle dimension of the dreamtime, clean of evil. One lie, one act of vengeance, one theft would begin a cycle that could spiral out of control and lead these innocent people into fear, pain and despair.. It was up to them, now and in the future to always act as watchers and keepers of the light for their people of the New Earth.

“Perhaps we could set a trap for Seth?”

Ast spoke these words as she gracefully entered Mon’s chamber. Deciding that she would not wait for the two of them to return to her room, she had followed Ra down the long hallway. It was obvious to Mon that, since her husband’s death, the brilliant light that had always shone around her had faded a bit. Her beautiful face was filled with concern.

Mon turned to her, his great stature and long flowing beard making him a striking figure. “But how? What could attract Seth?”

Ra, who knew him well, thought about Seth’s many passions. Which one could they use as a means to entice him there? Which one would he fall for? “There is one thing that Seth desires more than any other,” Ast softly spoke. “And that is me.”

Mon and Ra knew that she was right. Over the years they had seen the way that Seth looked at her whenever he was in her presence. Her warmth and beauty was so great that it was obvious to all that it overwhelmed him. Newly married to Nefer, during their early days on the Great Ship, he was able to suppress his desires. But as time went by and the forces of darkness overtook his mind, he lusted after Osir’s wife to such a degree that it had always been a source of tension between Ast and Nefer.

Ast cleared her throat and looked directly at them, “He will come to me.” “It’s too dangerous mother. He will defile you.”

“You and Mon must capture him before this happens. If we don’t restrain him now he will ruin this beautiful planet.

Ra disagreed, “Restrain him! In the name of my father and all that is sacred to us, we must destroy him!”

“I know that your desire for revenge upon Seth is strong as your love for father Osir,” Mon replied, “but to kill Seth would accomplish the very task that he is attempting with his actions.”

“What do you mean Mon?”

“We have traveled across the great abyss of space to come to this world. And, if then, as soon as we arrive, we begin to kill each other for revenge, we will have begun a cycle of hell that will not stop for thousands of years. We will have placed a black mark on the souls of all of our progeny. The spiritual record of this world will be tainted from the beginning. The race we create here will forever carry the debt of this one simple act of vengeance. Is it not enough for you that Seth himself has begun this very process with the murder of my best friend Osir? Is one killing not enough for us? Do we have to go on like this? If we do it will never stop.” “Wise words Mon” Ast replied, “But is there another course can we take?” “We are versed in the rites and lore of the Old Ones. Let us build a temple that is constructed with a pure, virtuous and magical intention. Let us bury his bones under that temple. He will be trapped forever there under that temple as a disembodied spirit. In my heart I pray that through the long centuries of his internment, he will come to realize the error of his deeds. Even he contains a spark of the divine light. Even he has the possibility of atonement. Therefore, I believe that this plan is a better one than killing him.”

Ast smiled and placed his hands in hers. “You are a kind and gentle man Mon, whose heart is filled with compassion for others. Like the great sages of old, your magical powers are tempered with clarity and wisdom. Of this I have no doubt. Yes, perhaps you are right.”

Seth stood on the side of the mountain looking down at the pyramid that was the new center for the family. A cold wind blew by as the trees bent against the force of the atmosphere. Up here, in the mountains of the Southern Hemisphere of the planet, the air was cold and thin. The new city was situated on a plain that sat at 17000 feet up. Until he could get used to the harsh environment of this planet this place would have to do. The air was so thick and heavy below this altitude that Seth, and the others, had not yet adjusted to the change. Since the gravity of this world was much heavier than what he was used to, his tall body groaned under its weight. He knew that the people who came after them would have to be much shorter in stature.

Ever since the tragedy, Seth’s dark thoughts would not stop tormenting him. He even began to believe that the tragedy of the destruction of the Great Ship was not his fault but Ra’s and Osir’s for not foreseeing it in their meditations and calculations. For these errors he had a right to kill Osir. Regardless, of responsibility, if he got rid of Ra and Mon then no one would even suspect that it was he that had caused such damage to the ship and had murdered Osir. That is, except for the beautiful Ast.

And now, his mind overtaken by greed and lust, all he really wanted was to possess Ast anyway. He knew that the Akashic record for this planet had only begun being written with their landing. Soon these events would be implanted in the consciousness and dreams of the new beings of the future. Those with the powers of clairvoyance would be able to read what had happened here, in this place and time. Very soon he would need to find a way to destroy Ra and Mon. Placing Ast by his side, he would become the undisputed ruler of the New Earth.

He reached for his sword. It’s metal had been hardened by the blacksmiths and alchemists that lived aboard the Great Ship until it was the most powerful weapon of its kind. Sharp and light, it was a formidable killing instrument. With it, he had dismembered Osir in a matter of seconds. Like a vivid hallucination, the memories of his deed flooded back into him. He saw the sword come down upon Sir’s neck, his arms, his legs, and his penis. In a series of moments he had changed the world forever. Due to this one action, whatever was to happen on this little, dense, backwater planet was now up for grabs. While it was a certainty that Osir would have completed the great spiritual cycle begun on the God Star, and it was certain that Ra and Mon would begin the creation of spiritual life forms who would live upon this new world, none of this was now in Seth’s interests. With the murder of Osir he had experienced a new type of energy and power, the ability to dominate, control and destroy.

He knew that now that he had murdered the Holy Leader of his people and his brother in the Great Order, the only choice he had was to annihilate the family completely. Only then, with the record clean of their interference, could he create a planet that was more suitable to his liking. Murder and lust were now his only desires. He knew that, as a former member of their society, if he acquired the magical machines in Mon’s laboratory, he could create followers who would cater to his every whim. All he had to do was get rid of Mon, and Ast’s son Ra, and this world would be his to rule. Ast would have to relent to his wishes at that point. What choice would she have? Seth grinned at the possibilities. All he had to do was wait for the right moment.

Ast slowly walked across the path towards the Temple of Osir. She had already constructed 15 temples across the length and breadth of this land, one for every part of her husband that had been sliced apart by Seth. In reverence, she silently knelt before the altar that held the eternal flame. She focused her mind inward and prayed. Without Osir her life was vacant and lonely. This New World was majestic and beautiful but due to the tragedy of the meteor storm, there was no one here to talk to, no one with whom to make great art and music, to laugh and dance. Mon had promised that soon they would begin to procreate a new race. But this plan was still hundreds of years away from fruition. What would she do in the meantime, especially without her consort and lover? It seemed that somehow the density of this planet was weighing her down, filling her with new feelings that she had never experienced before. Ast reached out and lit the incense made from the petals of the sacred blue lotus flower that was fundamental to their holy rites. Breathing in its heady perfume, she ceremonially touched the soil that had been placed inside a crystal cup that sat before the eternal flame on the altar. This soil had come from the old Earth, from the God Star of her birth. This rich soil and the fertile seeds of blue lotus were the most sacred substances they possessed. As she closed her eyes she raised the cup to her lips to kiss it. Suddenly she heard what sounded like a footstep coming from somewhere inside the temple. A chill went up her back as she heard the familiar voice coming from behind her. It had a hissing quality to it, a high pitched overtone that bespoke of deep emotional disorder. “Do you miss home that much?”

She turned to face Seth. He stood at the doorway to the Temple. “How dare you come to this Temple devoted to Osir? The friend and brother you murdered?”

Seth lifted his sword as he walked towards her. She had forgotten how immense he was. His huge body towered at nine feet and his shoulders were five feet wide. His long face had a beard that clung to the side of his cheeks, and through his dark, slightly slanted hazel eyes, he stared at her menacingly. Ast remained on her knees, her hands clasped before her in prayer.

“Osir is dead. He is of no concern to me”, his voice was low and guttural. It was filled with a dark sense of malice and foreboding. She tried to remember the proud and enthusiastic initiate he had once been. But centuries had passed since those days and with them he had been overwhelmed by the power of a darkness that no one had foreseen. With his lust pouring out from his eyes he walked hungrily toward the altar, “Ah, the pungent smell of the Blue Lotus. Fascinating that I should find you in its sway.” Taking a whiff, he feasted his eyes upon her. “To whom are you praying my lovely?”

“To the one and only creator, the primal unity that exists beyond image, beyond form, beyond life, beyond death. ”

“There is no such creature. This fantasy of yours is just a remnant of a bad dream someone once had on the God Star.”

“Seth, you speak with such hubris.”

“Why not? Soon this entire world will be mine.”

“Then I shall pray the inhabitants of that world!”

Seth turned to look directly at the kneeling Ast. Feeling the bluntness of her words he lifted the sword and slapped the side of the blade against her cheek. A thin line of red blood appeared on her delicate face. Sneering at the sight of it, he seemed to revel in this new sense of dominion over her. “There is so much oxygen on this world that our inner fluids turn red. It is a beautiful color, don’t you agree, my beautiful Ast?”

Ast sighed as she felt the warm flow of blood running down her cheek. Unable to maintain her peaceful demeanor, she felt an entirely new manifestation of energy welling up in her. One she had never felt before. Seth was bringing forth emotions into her being that she had never experienced. Her muscles were tense, her breathing shallow, as if in preparation to strike out at this evil force that had taken her beloved husband from her.

So this constriction in my solar plexus must be fear and this desire to strike out anger, she thought. Unaccustomed to this type of experience, Ast turned pale, her lithe body shaking from the assault on her sensitive and refined nervous system. Looking him directly in the eyes she whispered,”Why don’t you just kill me now and get it over with?”

Bending over and licking the blood from her cheek, he laughed disdainfully, “But who will rule this world with me if I kill you?”

“I would never stand beside a crude, immoral beast like you!” Spittle flew from Ast’s lips as she spoke.

Dizzy with anger at her defiance, Seth knocked her down to the floor with his free hand and brutishly tore off her robe. Her naked beauty nearly took his breath away. Never in all of his days had he seen such a magnificent body. Beholding the vision of her lying weak and defenseless before him, his lust welled up into a mighty force. Without a moments thought, he dropped the sword, lifted her body, and with his great strength, placed it easily onto the altar. Pinning her down, he violently forced her legs apart. His huge member rose at the sight of her perfect form. As he thought of the irony inherent in this situation, he grinned with pleasure.. He was about to take Osir’s devoted wife right on the altar inside the Temple built to honor Osir’s name! The beauty of Ast and the irony made him drunk with madness. He laughed as he pried open her mouth with his grimy fingers and forced his tongue into her mouth. To her it felt as cold as ice yet at the same time burned like fire. He could feel her revulsion as he forced himself upon her, but it only stimulated him further. With great effort, she pulled herself back from his kiss and spat on the floor.

“Even your breath smells like venom!”

Seth had just raised his hand to strike her when he heard the noise. He turned his head only to discover that he had been trapped by his own overpowering lust. In a flash, Mon quickly stepped out of the shadows with Ra by his side. His mind focused upon the task before him, Mon fired a projectile that pierced Seth’s neck. Within seconds, a lightheaded and sluggish feeling began to envelop Seth. Unable to keep his eyes open, he realized that they were putting him to sleep with one of Mon’s many potions. As the drug began to take effect, he could feel his consciousness slipping away. He fell backwards onto the floor, his hand grasping the empty air in front of him. He heard them speak as his consciousness drifted away. Looking over at Ast, Mon asked, “Are you all right?” Ast shook her head in the affirmative, Mon continued, “We knew that this would be difficult for you. As we discussed, we will bury him under the new temple where he will never get out.”

Pulling her robe around her while replaying the horror of the scene in her mind, Ast was resolute, “That is not enough. I want this dark spirit to never be able to enter a body again. I have agreed not to destroy his spirit but I do not want him to walk physically on this planet again.”

Mon looked her in the eyes, “It will be so Ast. I promise it.”

Ast stared down at the sleeping Seth. Her voice shook with an anger that she had never felt on the old Earth. She wondered if this planet had some strange mesmerizing quality that brought out the worst out in her people. “I curse you Seth!” Ast spoke the words sharply . “You are the evil one. You are the embodiment of lust, murder, hatred and greed. Through your foul actions you have once again awakened the dark qualities that our people rooted out eons ago. Therefore, you must be vanquished. Your bones will be trapped forever, held inside a secret box that will be guarded by angels. They will remain trapped there until this young star devours itself and it’s planets. Ten billion times the planet will circle the sun and you will still be there, a disembodied spirit. You shall spend eternity restlessly wandering without a home, never to occupy a body again. Perhaps one day, somehow, through your endless wandering, you will be redeemed. For the divine spark of the creator is in you as well, buried deep inside your cold heart of iron.” In preparation for this moment, on the other side of the planet they had built a stone pyramid to house the bones of Seth. Mon had carefully designed the pyramidal construct to be a spiritual prison. Based upon sacred geometrical proportions, protected by sacred mantras and magic formulae, it was designed to be a great amplifier of subtle energies. These potent energies, which were visible only to the mystic eye of the initiate, would travel downward from the peak of the pyramid. As they descended, they would grow and spread through the architecture until they had reached such a high potential that the bones would forever be trapped.

Mon and Ra took Seth’s body to this mighty temple that they had prepared for him. For three days they performed the ancient ritual of internment. While chanting sacred incantations that had not been intoned for eons, on the flat top of the pyramid they burned the very flesh off his bones. They then carefully preserved these bones inside a special box made of gold and cedar. Their civilization had lasted for four million years on the old Earth. Through their metaphysical studies, they had learned how the vital energy that makes up the soul or what they referred to as the Ba , could be encased inside the bones of the person. If they could preserve the bones, then the primal power of this ancient magic would force the soul to stay inside the bone material. Until the bones were destroyed, the soul could never incarnate in a body again.

Mon said the magic words over the bones of Seth

The magnetism that is the shadow of the vital

Is now and forever encased in these bones May the soul of Seth, never leave these bones Until through his eternal wanderings , he has once again found The Way.

Ra watched closely as Mon, with one-pointed concentration, worked on the bones. They had been cleaned of their fleshy exterior and gleamed with a shiny brilliance. But he had been having serious doubts about this plan. While he agreed that there should be as little damage to the planet’s Akashic record as possible he wondered about keeping Seth’s spirit alive on this world. What if he was somehow released from this temple? Would the new people that they were to create here have the moral strength to fight his psychic advances? Even though only his spirit was still animate had he accumulated enough power to influence these new people of the future? There were so many unforeseen events that could occur on a world as new and undeveloped as this that it was difficult to predict the future. Ra prayed that they were doing the right thing.

Mon glanced up at Ra, a look of concern on his face. Speaking as if he could read Ra’s thoughts, he said, “It is true Ra that the spirit of Seth is still alive. But we will inter him in a place whose spiritual power can never be altered or questioned. We will set up a priestly caste that will be made up of holy men and women who will watch over this prison tomb for eternity. Yes it is true that Seth has a diabolical power, one that I, myself, have never witnessed before. And it is also true that if he is ever released from our prison, Seth could possibly have some influence on the future people of this world. Let us hope that we have done our job correctly. Let us pray that we will create such a holy atmosphere on this planet, instilling the beings with such deep and profound reverence for the Creator and the Way of Truth that no one will ever again desire the dark gifts that Seth will be offering. From our own experience on the God Star we know that it is possible to live fully in the light. On the other hand, as long as Seth remains a wandering spirit in the astral realm, he will lust for the personal power and sensory pleasures of the material. As a manifestation of the darkness, he will relentlessly try to influence the thoughts of sentient beings towards his aberrant, discordant ways. This is how we can recognize his influence and weed it out. This is what we must watch out for. And yet, when I look deeply within and reflect upon all that has happened, I see that from another perspective he has brought the darkness by which we can measure the power of our own light. This was the basic lesson our ancestors had to learn as beings on the God Star. This was essentially the same force that they had to root out, crush and transform within their own society in an earlier epoch of our civilization. Perhaps this is part of a fundamental testing of the spiritual growth and alignment of a civilization. Then again, perhaps it is possible to infuse these new beings with such a sense of beauty, wisdom and truth that they will be forever protected from his dark influence.. May we, and the ones that come after us, maintain a constant vigilance so that we can safeguard this tiny planet from the evil power of Seth.”

Now that they had performed the ancient ritual of confinement by burning him on a pyre and encasing his Ba inside the bones they were ready to intern them. As previously decided, the bones would be placed inside a Holy Ark that would sit in a stone altar. It would then be placed in the center of a chamber inside the great temple that they had constructed for this purpose. In the ritual manner of the ancients, they would then contain the power of the bones by chanting the holy incantations and surrounding it with the sacred five-sided symbol used for protection against the forces of evil. Later, the priests and priestesses would occupy the many temples that would be built around this pyramidal stone structure. Day after day, they would perform the rituals that would be necessary to keep the earth and its inhabitants tuned to the holy frequency of light so that the shadow of Seth’s disembodied spirit could gain no entrance.

In a rare moment of inner doubt, Mon wondered what this world would be like if those priests and priestesses were ever blocked from performing these rituals. The thought of how horrible this world could become was almost too much for him to bear. Perhaps Ast was right in her concern about the strange gravitational and magnetic forces of this planet. Composing his mind, he quietly shook off these thoughts as he and Ra laid the box on the lip of the stone altar.

“We shall seal this building and trap him here forever.”

They sealed the opening to the tomb with large granite plugs. They also coated the temple structure with polished granite, a material that held great magnetic strength. They knew that by reducing the electrical polarity of the pyramid’s central chamber, then they could suppress the magnetic and attractive qualities of Seth’s bones. This would render him useless. They placed an entrance to the temple that was hidden and secret. Only the priests and priestesses of the future would know the entrance.

Mon and Ra walked down the long stairway to the opening in the side of the Great Pyramid. As they left the massive construct they felt the cool rush of the evening air in their faces. Mon looked up to see the God Star rising in the east. It still shined orange and red but he knew that soon it would cool down to a bluish white. This would take thousands of years to accomplish. He remembered their world on the planet that swirled around the God Star. They had built a majestic paradise of peace, justice and plenty. They were, as a people, devoted to the spiritual ideals of compassion and kindness towards all other living creatures of worship of the divine force that guides the universe. There hadn’t been a murder on their home planet for a million years. Wars, greed and suffering were long gone – a fleeting memory of the distant past. Mon’s heart was breaking as he thought of the perfection of the world that he had left. In response to this thought, he felt water filling up and flowing from his eyes.. It was odd because he could never recall water falling freely from his eyes before. Now on this planet, this new phenomena seemed to take place with increasing frequency.

“Do not be troubled Mon”, Ra spoke. “With the bones of Seth interred in this Holy Temple the planet will be safe.

“I pray that you are right Ra but in this new-found place my suspicions have begun to overwhelm my hopes. We must do everything we can to protect this place from the evil of Seth. And then we must leave this world and go back to live in the Great Ship, for it is clear that this place is not altogether healthy for us. From this close vantage point we will watch over the new beings that we will create.”

“I have a suggestion Mon.”

“What’s that Ra?”

“We will name the Great Ship after you. From now on it will be known as ‘The Mon’.”

Mon smiled as he saw the shining light of the Great Ship as it rose over the horizon.

So Seth’s bones were interred in the Great Pyramid and the door to the chamber was sealed up behind them. To them, Seth was buried forever. Mon and Ra went forth to carry out the original plan formed by Osir and the Great Order all those hundreds of years ago. They would soon begin the genetic creation of the first people that would occupy this world. As soon as they had successfully adapted the immune systems of these first creatures to this new environment, they could then begin to populate the planet. After a long period of time, this initial task was completed and the gentle people of the God Star, went back to their ship where the lowered gravity and lack of environmentally bred immune problems did not exist. From their great observatory in the sky they watched the growth and flowering of their creation. For many centuries they continued to inspire and influence the dreams, visions and waking reality of their children.

In the dark and magnetic free chamber that lay at the heart of the Great Pyramid, Seth awoke. Realizing that he could no longer feel, touch, hear and see, he became terrified. Mustering all of its strength, his Ka spirit attempted to get out of the prison box but the low magnetic field made it impossible for him to do anything or go anywhere. He lay there in the dark, weak and impotent.. Over and over again for thousands of years he rolled the events by in the theater of his mind. He saw the meteor swarm, the murder of Osir, the great beauty of Ast, the surprise attack by Mon and Ra. No longer could he wield the handle of his sword, touch the bosom of a woman, or taste the meat of a freshly slaughtered animal. Rather than turn his mind back towards the light, the centuries of constriction and confinement on this planet seemed to inflame his lusts and desires even more. He had to find a way to escape. He had to seek revenge for what they had done to him. He had to find a way to get out of this prison and satisfy this dark and voracious hunger that would not let him go. .

But Mon had built the trap so well that escape seemed impossible. Nevertheless, if there was one positive quality that Seth still possessed it was patience. He would wait. He didn’t care how long it took, he would wait, and one day he would be free.