Alchemy and Time: How the Rediscovery of the Philosopher’s Stone leads to the Golden Age by Jay Weidner

Cultures all over the world have legends and myths that bear an astonishing similarity to each other. At first glance one would think that these ancient cultures were all once part of a worldwide civilization, which held these myths as their central belief system. It would seem that this worldwide civilization broke apart and became isolated. Whether one explores the stories from ancient China, the Middle East, Africa, Europe, Greece, and Egypt we get the same stories and myths albeit somewhat changed due to culture and language and history. It has only been n the last few hundred years that the myths and legends have been gathered, and discussed.

These ancient cultural myths all agree on three central myths. The first of these is the myth that there was once a golden age for humanity. In this Golden Age the myths say that humans lived to a very advanced age of a several hundred years. There was no wars, slavery or even labor. Apparently, in this age, animals and humans even got along with each other and lived side by side without violence. This idea of a Golden Age is embedded in the myths and legends from all over the world.

The second myth that seems to have percolated into all these various cultures is that this Golden Age ended in a disaster or a catastrophe of some kind. A few humans managed to escape the catastrophe and rebuild civilization. This myth is even more ubiquitous then the myth of the Golden Age. From Peru to the Pacific Northwest of America to the Sumerians, Greeks, Plato, almost every corner of the globe there is this legend that a great civilization was destroyed.

The fact that these two myths survived inside so many disparate cultures and peoples from all over the world is known to many scholars and has been written and discussed for a long time.

But there is a third myth that has also survived. This myth is also woven into the historical fabric of every advanced culture of the last 6,000 years. Like the other two myths the legends and details are startlingly similar despite geography, history and language. This myth, which is found in China, India, Greece, Egypt, Peru and quite a number of other places in time and history, is that there was once an elixir that would slow the aging process. This elixir had many names. Much has been written about the Elixir of Life, the fountain of youth. In the west it is known as the Philosopher’s Stone.

When one contemplates these three myths there is a disconnect at first. While the first two myths, that of a Golden Age and the destruction of that age by a catastrophe seem to be linked together, the third myth, that of alchemy, does not appear to be linked to the other two myths. But as we shall see they are intimately related.

This ancient science could somehow produce the mysterious Elixir of Life, which could extend the lifetime of a human to several hundred years. The myth say that this science could also change lead into gold and create an internal levity in which the person taking the elixir ‘weighed’ less, giving them the ability to levitate, jump high or walk on water.

When these three core myths from all over the world are closely examined it becomes apparent why they are piggybacked together. The three myths and legends fit together like pieces of a puzzle. Only when they are fitted together does the picture comes into full focus.

In fact the three myths are telling us a story that does not become understood until they are understood together.

The discovery of alchemy, the finding of the Elixir of Life, is what leads to the Golden Age. The Golden Age lasted until some kind of catastrophe occurred. After this catastrophe destroyed most of the human race, alchemy became lost to everyone but a few. This is the story that the three myths tell us once they are fitted together.

Assuming that the Elixir of Life, the fountain of youth is real, the discovery of it would automatically lead to the creation of the Golden Age. Once the entire human race realizes that its collective life span was increasing from 70 to 80 years to 600 to 800 years, our relationship to time and to the Earth would dramatically change. These fundamental changes in attitude are what creates the so-called Golden Age.

If the science of alchemy leads to the Golden Age, what is alchemy? The question that alchemy answers are simple: is it possible to concentrate “chi” or life energy and then to ingest this concentrate? Alchemy’s answer is a resounding yes. Once the elixir is ingested, the concentrated “chi” or life-energy would have several immediate effects. The aging process would stop or slow or even reverse itself. There would be little need for food or drink, outside of water. It would be possible to use the increased “chi” to keep one warm in cold weather without clothing and cool oneself in hot weather. The body would function perfectly and the light body – which is the etheric, magnetic body that surrounds the flesh body – would grow, become stronger and more coherent.

One would have the time to get a very good education, travel etc. without the rush that we all feel in the current Iron Age. The desperation would be taken out of the moment. Resources would lose their importance making wars useless. Who would fight and die in their youth if they knew they were going to live another 700 years? The rediscovery of alchemy would put the kibosh on working for a living. People would not need to work. And since they have no need for food the relationship between humans and the animal world would be altered with animals no longer fearing us.

Also the concentrated “chi” could be used to regrow the forests and help replenish the soil. According to alchemical lore, watering seeds with the elixir causes huge grow spurts.

The relationship between alchemy and history reveals why alchemy is so important to the human endeavor. The discovery of the secret of alchemy is what destroys the Iron Age and recreates the Golden Age.

From the discovery of fire came the discovery of alchemy. Using very slow evaporation techniques our ancient ancestors learned, through trial and error, how to concentrate dew, urine, blood, semen and many other “chi” filled fluids. Taking months and years to slowly concentrate the “chi” from these fluids, the salts are collected until the Philosopher’s Stone is created. The Stone is essentially the salts that have been built up through the long and torturous evaporation and distilling processes. The Stone is a hard, white substance. A small flake into a glass of water creates the magic Elixir of Life.

Once the Stone was discovered, all those years ago, the knowledge of how to make it spreads quickly and soon all the advanced cultures were producing the Philosopher’s Stone and the Elixir of Life.

The Golden Age lasted for many thousands of years until the catastrophe occurred. That was when the human race began to desend into the ‘fallen’ ages, the Silver, Bronze and the current Iron Age.

Is it possible to understand this catastrophe, what actually occurred and will it come again?

The ultimate alchemical monument has to be the Cyclic Cross of Hendaye. As explored in two books I co-wrote with Vincent Bridges, the Cross of Hendaye is telling us that there is a periodic catastrophe that involves an ‘angry’ sun.

We now know that the Earth has been hit by huge solar flares in the past. These flares have been detected in moon rocks and there is a deep layer of ash in North America which is apparently the result of a massive burning of the forests of the northern hemisphere not so long ago. We know that there were mass extinctions 12,000 years ago or so.

The Cross of Hendaye tells us that this catastrophe regarding the sun comes in a regular cycle, approximately every 12,000 years. Indeed the earliest writings in Freemasonry tell us that the organization began as a way to pass down the information of this periodic cataclysm. The fixed signs of the zodiac also appear to be celestial markers watching the unfolding of this periodic disaster.

Again we can see how the three myths of the past work together. There is an Elixir of Life, a Philosopher’s Stone. The discovery of the way to concentrate “chi” causes the Golden Age. The discovery of the secret of alchemy makes life easy and things go well for a long time. The long peaceful Golden Age is interrupted by a catastrophe, which throws the human race back into the Dark Age.

The procession of the ages thus begins a downward process. Memories of the Golden Age continued to haunt the human race. Our psychic abilities, which had been honed during the Golden Age, began to slowly atrophy. This entropic action is what the ancients observed and called the Silver age, the Bronze Age and finally the Iron Age. Each age is characterized by increasing fear, wars, entropy and chaos. Civilization, from this point of view, is not a step upwards. The entire point of modernity appears to be desperate attempt to maximize production, especially food.

As the human race falls into a more entropic situation the need for order becomes the highest priority. As the Iron Age proceeds the human race begins to invest in technologies that are designed to replace the failing psychic and intuitive abilities that we possessed before in the previous ages. The Internet is the ultimate recreation of an atrophied human ability: the psychic ability to communicate across vast distances.

But the Iron Age also contains certain unexpected effects, largely the result of technological innovation. In a perfect example of the law of unintended consequences the Internet causes its own demise. In the Internet age information becomes ubiquitous, all things become known. Secrets began to disappear. That is where we are right now. This is the reason for the political upheavals all over the world. The Internet and the free release of all information are causing a major shift in human consciousness.

If the way towards the Golden Age is the rediscovery of the secrets of alchemy then this has to be the most important work that the human race can be involved in. The problem with uncovering the secrets of alchemy is that the political situation of the Iron Age has caused the science or art to be heavily suppressed. The Emperors, Pharaohs, Kings and Priests outlawed the practice and forced it underground. Alchemists were compelled into hiding. The need to pass on the information they learned from their personal experiments led them to write obscure, indefinable treatises on alchemy that almost no one could understand.

Most people do not realize that alchemists were among the first choices for torture and murder during the inquisition. Pope John the 22nd outlawed the practice everywhere in Europe. Others called it a superstition and the work of silly men.

If alchemy is a superstition, a work of folly, why go to all the trouble to find the alchemists and kill them? If there is nothing to any of this why bother? The answer is that the elites know of this secret and they were and are doing everything they can to suppress the secret so that the general public never discovers it. The reason for this is that once the secret of alchemy is released, once it is truly understood, the elites will fall out of power. Their worst nightmare is that the secret of alchemy will be released and humans will be once again in control of their destiny.

A single primal force characterizes the Iron Age, or the Kali Yuga, chaos. The human race descends further and further into an ocean of chaos as the Iron Age proceeds. As far as rediscovering the secrets of alchemy and recreating the Golden Age this chaos is our number one ally. In the chaos of the Iron Age, the secret of alchemy, like all secrets, becomes more difficult to suppress.

The research into alchemy becomes a truly revolutionary act when seen from this point of view. It becomes clear that the only way out of our current predicament is a forward escape. Like water boiling on the stove that escapes its situation by turning into steam so too must the human race discover the transcending event that will undo the chaos of this Age, the messiness of the past and recreate a future that is filled with promise and expectation. The release of the final secret of alchemy would do just this.

The ramifications would be huge as people began to experiment and compare notes on the Internet. In this way it can be seen exactly how the Iron Age transmutes itself into the Golden Age.

Imagine that inside the chaos of the moment the secret of alchemy is actually released all over the Internet, all at once. Before the authorities can react a hundred thousand people have downloaded the secret and purchased the necessary equipment to create the Philosopher’s Stone and the Elixir of Life.

Before the powers that be can’t do anything because the formula for the successful recreation is released everywhere on the Internet and the Stone is being recreated in every corner of the globe.

Soon, in true Iron Age fashion, corporations are making the stone and selling it. Movie stars go on the Jay Leno Show proclaiming the virtues of the Stone giving tangible proof that they are reversing the aging process. Naturally the most corrupt and profane forces start the taking of the Stone with a vengeance. To those of us with a more sacred view of alchemy this will be a vile and disheartening thing to witness. But it all has a purpose as it leads to the complete destruction of the Iron Age and is a vital part for the unfolding of the Golden Age.

The momentum would gather quickly and soon the Elixir would be everywhere, impossible to stop. The final crumbling of all the institutions that have supported the elites for all this time will occur. The monetary systems, energy delivery, food supplies and all the other artifices of ‘civilized’ industrial society would disappear. As people will be around for hundreds of years there will be a dim view of water and air pollution, chemicals, toxins etc. War will become obsolete.

In this way we can see the road out of our current situation. All that has to happen in order to get this thing going was for someone to release the actual secret on the Internet.

As luck would have it in 2011 this event occurred. An anonymous author wrote and released, for free on the internet, a book titled The Book of Aquarius which is not only the clearest work on the history and philosophy of alchemy ever written but he (she?) also delivers the formula for the successful creation of the Philosopher’s Stone and the Elixir of Life. The process takes about 18 months. But enterprising individuals are already speeding that up. Suddenly retorts (a beaker with a long snout used in chemistry and alchemy) all over the world are sold out. While it is impossible to estimate how many people have downloaded the Book of Aquarius, it is possible to gauge the situation from the fact that all the equipment needed to make the Stone are selling like hot cakes.

There is also a forum for readers of The Book of Aquarius where the creation of the Stone is discussed in great detail. In a way the author of The Book of Aquarius has started a “Manhattan Project” of alchemy where all the best minds work on a single subject: how to create the Philosopher’s Stone.

With thousands of people creating the Stone in their basements and garages it will be impossible for the powers that be to stop it. By flooding the zone, the coming boom in alchemy will be impossible to constrain.

The recreation of the Philosopher’s Stone and the rediscovery of the famed Elixir of Life may be only a matter of months away. The Internet has given would-be alchemists the ability – for the first time in recorded human history – to discuss their lab work among themselves despite borders and geography.

Do not underestimate what is going on here. The secret of alchemy has been released and the experiments are going on all over the world. As far as we know this is the first time in human history that an event like this has happened. It is profound and the implications are enormous.

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